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  • Tegan:

    We listened to it [So Jealous] at my mom's house when we got there for Christmas. We always, Sara and I, come a little bit early and the three of us, my mom, Sara, and I, were in the kitchen. I played Living Room, a really out of tune version of Living Room. No, sorry that was the Christmas before. I mean not Living Room...What song? I Know I Know I Know. Sorry, I got all confused there because they're so similar songs obviously, you know, with the banjo. So I played them I Know I Know I Know and Sara went upstairs and she came back with a CD with So Jealous on it and I was convinced she had written the song about me, you know the lyric "I get so jealous, I can't even work, I want the ocean right now" because I live by the ocean. And she moved away from the ocean and in my head I was like 'Wow! Sara's really going deep. She's writing about leaving her twin, and I'm back in Vancouver by the ocean and she's sad and she's gonna move back!'

  • Sara:

    That wasn't what I wrote the song about.

  • Tegan:

    No, but I thought that at the moment, I turned to Sara and said "Great song!" and my mom was like "You guys are sad! Are you guys sad?"


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Drogo (left) and Daenerys (right) from Game of Thrones



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